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Amaroqkapuzing (Roq)

I'm the co-creator of Scroll Dynasty. I do the final on-computer editing, adding text and whatnot. I'm an egotisitical sadist, extraordinarily lazy, and it's also been my lifelong ambition to take over the world. I'm pretty sure most people would say I'm insane.

I do indeed lurk a lot, and it takes quite some time to get me to talk, so if you contact me, don't expect me to say much. Your best bet is to contact me through AIM, as I ignore most people that aren't on my list on MSN.

If there's a problem with the site itself, I'm the one to poke. I'm tech support. :D

AIM: digiwolfmaster
MSN: amaroqkapuzing(at)
DA Gallery: Here




I'm the other co-creator of Scroll Dynasty. I do the drawing and stuff and yeah. Fear me, for I am multi-functional. I am also user-friendly.

I spend most of my time drawing and playing Super Smash Bros Melee and kicking everybody's asses at it. And, that's all I'm letting you know about me.

I have no outside contact information. Poke Roq- we're cousins, therefore information exchange is easy. However, if you are contacting me to become one of my hoes, I'll reply on the double. ;)


The easiest way to contact either of us is through the official Scroll Dynasty e-mail account- scrolldynasty(at)

In your subject title, make sure to state which one of us you want to poke. We'll both end up reading it anyway, but be considerate and type that extra word.

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